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LINE Games’ Multiplayer Tower Defense Guardian Chronicle Now Available on Steam Early Access

LINE Games Corporation announced that its multiplayer tower defense Guardian Chronicle is now available on Steam Early Access in 140 countries across Europe, Canada and Australia, with the US and Asia regions to follow.
Currently servicing on App Store and Google Play as well, Guardian Chronicle is a cross-platform multiplayer tower defense played in real-time.
The game is set with a deck of one Master and five Guardians, each geared with unique skillset and matching synergies, to defeat incoming waves of enemies. Players will upgrade their decks as they experiment with various combinations and characters’ strategic locations in the battlefield.
Guardian Chronicle offers both competitive and co-op mode. In the Competitive mode, two players will try to overwhelm one another as they continuously defeat and send enemies back to the opponent’s battlefield. In the Co-op mode, two players will join forces together by building a formation that will help them survive longer and eliminate enemies quicker.
Now available on both mobile and PC, Guardian Chronicle has enhanced its general gameplay through a recent update: The November 26 update has improved the game’s matchmaking system for faster gameplay and added six new Masters to the roster. Various skills of Masters and Guardians have been rebalanced as well, taking into account feedback from player community.

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