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Delta0 Launches December 1st (Tuesday)! A Puzzle Game to Stimulate Your Brain

Delta0 (pronounced “Delta-Zero”) will be available December 1, 2020 on Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, macOS, Steam, Amazon Fire, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and other web browsers.

This game was a super partial side project that I began in 2015, but it’s been on my bucket list ever since.

Delta0 could be scary for people who suffer from Numerophobia or Arithmophobia (fear of numbers), but the mechanics are pretty easy to understand after a few tries. A combination of concentration and patience will help you to complete levels over time. Also, a tutorial is included and a “how to play” panel appears before the beginning of the game.


  • 8 Game Modes.
  • Static levels: Easy, Medium, Hard.
  • Infinite levels: Daily, Quick, Timer, News, Messages.
  • 200 Achievements (Global platform leaderboard).
  • 1500 Levels (500 Easy, 500 Medium, 500 Hard).
  • Cipher Messages (Send encrypted messages to your friends).
Delta0: A puzzle game to stimulate your brain!

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