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Apocalyptic Medieval MMORPG Reign of Darkness

Unorthodox Studios has launched a Kickstarter campaign for PC based video game Reign of Darkness. Reign was released in early access on Steam in November of 2019.  The Kickstarter campaign coincides with the one year anniversary of its release.  
Link to Kickstarter:
Reign of Darkness is a third person Apocalyptic set in the Medieval Period. The battle starts when players enter a world shrouded in a sinister fog plaguing the lowlands, which is inhabited by many murderous bosses and beasts.  Safety is thought to be found in higher elevations, however few places are spared the demonic forces thrust upon the motherland.  It is up to the player to determine how they will interact with these entities.
Veterans of MMOs will find familiar concepts and mechanics intended to capture nostalgia rather than reproduction.  These include class based character progression, dungeons, and boss battles.  As well as mounts, factions, and unique world events.  Funds from the Kickstarter campaign will go directly towards accelerating the support and development of the game.  Backers who contribute $20 or more will get a copy of the game, which is currently on Steam for the same price.

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