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Live-action FPS Video Game – Hijacker Jack – Is Out Now on PC and Android! Plus, Launch Discount on Steam Release

New IDEA Games – independent game studio from Hungary – has announced Hijacker Jack – Famous. Rich. Wanted. – release date on PC as 8th of December 2020 after their earlier successful Android release! Hijacker Jack will be available for $18.99 with an opening discount of 15% on Steam.

Hijacker Jack – FMV game PC trailer!

About the game
Hijacker Jack is the first ever FMV live-action game with real-time interaction. Our hero is controlled in first-person point of view through the story, while he has to survive thrilling action scenes by making decisions in every 2-3 seconds, delivering punch/kick combinations in fist fights, jumping between rooftops or even just like in any FPS game, grab a shotgun and maintain public order.

The pitch
One day just a simple man, lives outcast in the jungle – the other day wealthy and wanted. Money changes everyone? Challenge yourself in this action-packed FPS/FMV game. Famous. Rich. Wanted. Live like Jack!

The story
Our protagonist lives peacefully off-the-grid when one day he is kidnapped, re-shaped and thrown into a fancy luxurious world as a celebrity impostor. All seems fine while living the #highlife until he suddenly experiences the dark side of his fame…

During his transformation he has to live through some romance and challenging adventures, including “1 vs 5” fist fight, “1 vs a whole team” gun fight, car and quad chasing, jumping off a helicopter and much more. While he can’t trust anyone around him, he slowly starts figuring out the reason behind his kidnapping. Our decisions during the game will affect his karma as we choose between material values or turning back to his old life, which finally leads the story to one of the four different alternate endings.

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