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Academia : School Simulator Graduates to Version 1

Squeaky Wheel is excited to announce the graduation day of Academia : school simulator in January 2021!

Academia : School Simulator is the best reviewed school simulator/management/tycoon game on Steam, and has been in Early Access since September 2017. Countless updates, balancing, and bug fixing has been done on a regular basis since that time, thanks to the incredible feedback from the community. 

Academia : School Simulator has been enjoyed by almost 100k players around the world, playing and sharing their schools and making mods for the game. Version 1.0 will include a new difficulty level, UX improvements and additional polish to elevate the gameplay even further. In addition, the team focused on adding additional ingame events, achievements and end-game content.

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Build a high school with fantastic facilities like science labs, basketball courts, and art rooms, or do the bare minimum and live off government subsidies! Will you offer your delinquent students counseling, or simply send them to detention to let them waste their lives away? Will you hire the best teachers or cheap out and build giant classrooms with a 1:100 teacher to student ratio? Will you build enough toilets, or snicker as your students are forced to relieve themselves in the bushes? The choice is yours!

Academia : School Simulator is a cheerful yet challenging management game from the artist of Prison Architect and the studio that brought you Political Animals.

Academia Version 1 Announcement Trailer

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