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#AkiRobots Goes Live to the World on Friday

#AkiRobots is a colorful and wacky 2D brain puzzle platformer where you control multiple characters simultaneously in your pursuit of getting the Aki to the Socket! We are releasing on Steam (Windows/Mac/Linux), App Store and Google Play on Friday December 4. 


  • A unique simple-to-grasp game mechanic that anybody can understand.
  • Social play that gathers players of all ages around the game.
  • 100 increasingly mind-bending levels.
  • Ability to remix existing levels or create entirely new ones via the level editor.
  • Cross platform level sharing via the level code system.
  • Soundtrack with retro vibes and funky beats.

You will love this game if you like simple game mechanics, brain twisting puzzles, pleasing tactile art and groovy tunes. We have added the ability to remix/create new levels and our game features a unique, cross-platform level sharing system! 

#AkiRobots Launch Trailer

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