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Blockchain Tycoon Phase 2 Is Available Now on Steam

Blockchain Tycoon Phase 2 is available today. During the Early Access, we’ve gathered feedback from the players and completely redesigned and redeveloped everything. With this new version, we’ve created the ultimate cryptocurrency simulation experience. The game could also teach people about how mining and cryptocurrencies work.

Some of the new features in the game:

  • Campaign, scenario, and challenge Modes.
  • Sandbox mode offering a custom game with modifying parameters.
  • Coin economy system for more organic price variations.
  • Tokens and staking.
  • Multiple coin exchanges.
  • Energy production with solar panels and wind turbines.
  • Overclock GPUs by changing memory clock and power target.
  • Hardware now has limited durability and effected by usage and temperature.
  • Modular shelf system where you can swap any part you want.
  • ICO investing for taking chances in other ICOs.
  • Hardware placement, repair, swap skills for workers and worker training.
  • Coin creation with ICO is now more balanced with the ultimate goal.
  • Detailed mining and accounting statistics.
  • Day and night cycle.
Blockchain Tycoon Phase 2 Trailer

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