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Costume Kingdom Steam Launch Press Release

The Merry Month is upon us and as millions of children across the world are preparing to celebrate Christmas, Stratton Studios have a treat in store for us all with their game Costume Kingdom! NOW Available on Steam, for only $9.99.

The caring team at Stratton Studios originally planned to release Costume Kingdom at $19.99 but has now decreased the price indefinitely because of all the tricks 2020 has thrown into the world.

Costume Kingdom promises a return to the golden age of turn-based action adventure games, with modern-day inspiration. Purchase today and adventure through the mysterious Monkchester, meet new friends, build your team of Hallowmon while utilising a unique Trick or Treat gameplay mechanic and save Halloween from the evil clutches of Pineapple.

Costume Kingdom – Launch Trailer

Costume Kingdom already been unleashed on the PlayStation store promising plenty of tricks in this action-adventure treat and has been a great success now making its way to steam!. Costume Kingdom is an action-packed Halloween themed turn-based action adventure game, set in an open world environment and played from a third-person perspective. The player takes on the role of “Rain” a young child on a quest to beat the Apex Cup while unknowingly saving Halloween.

Costume Kingdom – Gameplay Trailer | PS4

Build your team of Hallowmon and while trick-or-treating your way through the breath taking Monkchester. You will be collecting costumes & completing quests to unlock mystical abilities that will aid you in defeating the dangerous Pineapple & saving Halloween. The Costume Kingdom title is priced at a pocket-friendly price of $9.99 making this a steal for a game coming out of an award-winning Studio! Costume Kingdom is packed with humour, intrigue, and mystery while having that holiday experience warming the hearts of adults and children alike

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