MicroProse Teams Up With UNIGINE

MicroProse teams up with UNIGINE to use its new UNIGINE 2 real-time 3D engine.

MicroProse line-up of games is being announced bit by bit and the team is hard at work to give its developers the best tools to achieve the quality standard that the MicroProse brand is well known for.

Teaming up with UNIGINE to use the new UNIGINE 2 engine is one of the steps the company is taking to ensure its simulation and open-world games sport the best technology and allow for the best performance possible.

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UNIGINE 2 is a real-time 3D engine packed together with C++/C# API, and visual tools for the creation of high-end games and interactive applications. The distinguishing features of UNIGINE are handling of the very large virtual worlds, outstanding performance on complex 3D scenes, and a rich set of modules available right out of the box.

UNIGINE Engine is a universal framework for aerospace / land / maritime scenarios. It is used in both enterprise (professional simulators, GIS and smart city apps, digital twins in 3D), and entertainment areas (games, video production). More than 250 companies around the world are the customers of UNIGINE. The recently released free Community edition of the SDK is already in use by tens of thousands of technology enthusiasts.

UNIGINE engine also is a core of popular GPU benchmarks series (including Heaven and Superposition).

“I see that the UNIGINE 2 engine is the perfect development platform for wargames by Microprose. The level of visual fidelity, the scale of the virtual world – everything matches their high ambitions. Since UNIGINE is designed for the creation of projects in all domains – be it air, land, sea, or space – I believe that this partnership will allow the creation of the full spectrum of games by Microprose. Personally, I am eager to play new games by this legendary studio.”

– Denis Shergin, CEO and founder of UNIGINE

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