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Death and Revolution With the Ghost of Oscar Wilde in Hand-drawn Adventure – Jennifer Wilde: Unlikely Revolutionaries

Belfast-based indie game studio releases new trailer for their upcoming supernatural adventure game, Jennifer Wilde: Unlikely Revolutionaries.
The long-awaited trailer kicks off with Jennifer’s dramatic revelation about the recent death of her father. Believing it was no ‘accident’, she attempts to use her childhood gift to call his spirit back. Unwittingly, the ghost recalled is that of Oscar Wilde, the famous Irish playwright.
From Jennifer’s ability to talk to spirits, to Oscar using his ghostly powers to sneak around invisibly, the trailer showcases the option to take control of both characters. There is also a sneak peak at some of the environmental puzzles ready to vex your brain along the way.

Jennifer Wilde: Unlikely Revolutionaries Story Trailer

The point and click adventure game is now available to wishlist on Steam:
Embroiled in death, espionage and revolution
After a discussion with a deceased witness at the scene of her Father’s death, Jennifer and Oscar find themselves following a trail of murder and revolution, through Paris, to London and Ireland, and into conflict with secret government organisations, a British occult spy network, and the Irish Revolutionary Army. 
In a thrilling, witty and melancholic adventure, Jennifer and Oscar uncover dark secrets, deal with the loss of a shared love and develop a deep friendship along the way.
Based on the best-selling and award winning comic from Atomic Diner.
A Point & Click 2D adventure game
• Gorgeously hand-drawn in Black & White line art.
• Direct control or classic point & click.
• Visit Paris, London and Dublin in a tale of murder, revolution & friendship.
• Unique comic book-style inventory.
“We always like to put in a new type of mechanic to all of our games In Wailing Heights, we had our inventory in the shape of a musical song wheel; In Jennifer Wilde, it takes the form of Jennifer’s sketchbook” – Stephen Downey

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