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Simpocalypse – Chop, Chop, Let’s Rebuild the Civilization After the Nuclear War! Gamex Studio Debut Coming on Steam Today

Gamex studio is releasing their debut game Simpocalypse on Steam today. This post-apocalyptic civilization simulator will be available for Windows and Linux at first, Mac coming in the following days.

Get out of your shelter, you’ve survived the nuclear war!

You are one of the lucky survivors, now urging to find food, water, and other crucial resources to survive the world after a nuclear war has torn the world apart. Not only that, but other survivors are counting on your managerial and leadership skills to help them survive. You are their leader, now managing nearby survivors to explore and scavenge the resources for the whole settlement to survive these post-apocalyptic times. You are in charge of all – working towards a strong self-sufficient settlement. 

There is a strong moral obligation on your shoulders, as you are a crucial part of the game. If you fail to distribute survivors to work different jobs and won’t ensure enough resources are gathered, your settlement will extinguish. But, no one wants that, right?

Leave your seal on the game, showing off your leadership skills, completing various challenges, and help your settlement become a global empire!

Simpocalypse, Key Features & Challenges/ Goals to master:
– Survive the post-apocalyptic times
(Establish strong fundamentals for your settlement to survive)

– Rebuild the pillars of modern civilization
(Recovery of a modern social, economic and military structure is crucial to start thriving instead of just surviving)

– Manage your citizens to create a powerful establishment
(survive different events through time and grow the empire despite any challenges and threats it faces.)

– Choose your path with a massive research tree and Advance your civilization to new heights
(Will you succeed in global expansion or bring your civilization extinct?)

– Trade the Global Market to your advantage
(Manipulate and trade the market to become a global tycoon)

– Dominate & Control the Post-apocalyptic World!
(Will you choose military pressure, use your wealth, or maybe a more diplomatic route to world domination?)

Simpocalypse – Official EA Trailer

Insights from the developers of Simpocalypse
Rok Jeseničnik and Andraž Vene, directors of Gamex Studio, said:
”In these times, it is better to feel the post-apocalyptic ambiance in the game itself, than to feel it in reality. We started working on Simpocalypse even before Covid hit our country and decided to develop the game in a darker, post-apocalyptic ambiance as the narrative presented a ton of interesting mechanics to be explored. But, not everything is so dark within the game!  We were working more on the managerial resource management mechanics, so everyone that loves to play any type of managerial, tycoon, incremental games, or strategy games, may find this game a hot game to pick up to play in December!”
Simpocalypse is releasing in Early Access on Steam, on December 15th
Gamex studio decided to go in Early Access with a much lower price than they intend to price the game when it is fully finished. Additionally, they are giving all Early Access supporters an extra release discount for the first week – which will be the best price by far for at least 6 months.

Developers will use Early Access to further polish the game, as the game has many deep mechanics, where the progression of the game can be adjusted to various playing types. Not only that – they will also be adding additional features to make it as fun as possible and easy to pick up, but difficult to master!

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