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Don’t Be Afraid – Coming to Steam on Thursday the 17th

You are David, an 11-year old boy, and your worst nightmares just became a terrifying reality.

Don’t Be Afraid – wishlist on Steam

Solve puzzles prepared by your kidnapper, Mr. Franklin, while desperately clinging to the last vestiges of your sanity. Escape a mansion in which everything has been designed to make you suffer. Experience the story of a lunatic psychopath still at large.  And remember, be a good boy and listen to the elders, for those before you didn’t… We are glad to inform you that Don’t Be Afraid is going to be released this Thursday!

You can learn more about the storyline in the prologue game Don’t Be Afraid – The First Toy, in which the player jumps into the middle of a traumatic experience as Franklin’s previous victim. This prologue uncovers secrets hidden by Mr. Franklin, hinting at what is going to happen in the main game and expanding on its world. The prologue has a 92% positive user score on Steam.

Don’t Be Afraid – The Nightmare Begins On December 17 2020

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