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Earth Analog Release Date Set + a New Trailer

The fractal based space exploration game ‘Earth Analog’ has been given a release date! It will be fully released on the 11th of February 2021 on Steam for PC. A new trailer has also been released to celebrate this fact.

The trailer showcases the game’s unique environments, only made possible by the latest in graphics technology. It can be found here:

Earth Analog Final Trailer

“Ever since the day I watched Interstellar I wanted to create a space sim game that captures that sense of mystery and excitement.”, said Roy van Ophuizen, CEO of Funcraft Games. “When I discovered the innovative render technique called ray marching and learned how that could be used to display real-time fractal worlds I knew that my dream could become reality.”.

Apart from steering and landing your ship and exploring distant planetary systems you will also have to keep all the ship systems operational, which involves prospecting and mining for resources, upgrading ship systems and fixing broken parts. You will also have to hunt for precious stones and artifacts to unlock new paths in your journey. And will you be able to control the mysterious Dimension Device? It’s all up to you, you are completely alone out there… or are you?

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