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Keep the Aggressive Rioters Under Control in Riot Operator – an Action RTS Game Coming to PC

To operate quickly and effectively, police forces need three things: people, equipment, and a good leader. You are the last, so make sure that both your units and the people you’ll be dealing with will be aware of that. Riot Operator – an action RTS game – is coming to PC and reveals the first trailer.

Enjoy the minimalistic yet stylish graphic design, giving you a clear picture of the operation field while not distracting you from what’s important – stopping the riots and keeping casualty levels as low as possible.

Riot Operator – Reveal Trailer


Put your tactical skills, perception, and strategic-thinking talents to test. Manage police units resolving conflict situations that are happening in real locations worldwide. Make sure that even though your troops will always be outnumbered by the rioters, they’ll still be able to hold their ground, thanks to proper equipment and constant upgrading of your squads. Don’t let the aggressive rioters dictate the encounter terms. Instead, keep them under control, and make sure that you’re the master of the situation.


  • Make good use of your thinking and strategy skills. This talent of ours will be critical if you want to succeed in calming the situation down. Adjust your squads’ position and number to make sure every unit is in the right place at the right time.
  • Manage riot police. Use the power of your troops to handle real riot situations that are happening in real places all over the world.
  • Customize and upgrade your squads. Make sure your forces are not only large enough but, most importantly, equipped well enough to face aggressive rioters.
  • Don’t let the situation get out of control. The rioters don’t mind clashing with peaceful demonstrators. And they’re more than keen to start resorting to rocks, sticks, Molotov cocktails, and any other object that can be used as a weapon if you let them. Lose control of the situation, and the rioters will prey on everything in their path. Do not let that happen.

Riot Operator is being developed by Beta 2 Games and will be published on Steam by Games Operators.

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