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Waiting For The Raven 1.0 Launches Out of Early Access on Steam

Musclebird is thrilled to announce the full release of Waiting for The Raven, a grand strategy spy sim available now for $14.99 on Steam! Become Master of Spies by planting connections and agents in the underworld. Who will you join? Who may be betrayed?

Waiting for The Raven is an atmospheric hybrid of first-person & top-down espionage experiences where players must employ a specific skillset including deciphering letters, solving mysteries, running businesses, bribery, seduction, abduction, murder, and more.

Waiting For The Raven is experimental in its nature, mixing first-person puzzle solving, letters cypher decryption, and research mechanics with a top down strategy simulation and management game aimed at further immersing the player into a dark world of intrigue, crime, and espionage.


  • Become Master of Spies, plant your connections, associates and agents in the underworld and slowly take control over the city.
  • Dispose of your opponents in many clever ways.
  • Bathe in treachery, choose who to join and who to betray.
  • Negotiate and manipulate different characters through fully voiced letters.
  • Immerse yourself in a unique and chilling atmosphere of mystery.
  • Decrypt & Decipher Secret Letters.
  • Solve Puzzles & Uncover Mysteries.
  • Survive, by keeping your enemies at bay, the constabulary confused, and your own lackeys on a short leash.
  • The many tools in your disposal include treachery, espionage, abduction, influence, murder, schemes, plots, bribes, seduction, even the law. Use and abuse them in any way you fancy.
  • Are you a cruel boss of the underworld? Leader of a cult? Greedy and witty businessman? Maybe a secretive spymaster which exists only in rumors of myth? The approach you take may dictate eventually how everyone sees you in this cold-hearted world.

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