Chicken Police – Paint it RED!

Chicken is not the first word that comes to mind when one thinks about the police force. In Clawville however, the Chicken police are the best and the brightest, and they are the antithesis to what you would consider “chicken”. Chicken Police – Paint it RED! is an impressive first game from the developing team at The Wild Gentlemen. It is a narrative point & click, but with its beautiful cinematographic cut scenes and clever storyline this adventure transcends the genre. If you like a good old detective story, get in and get ready for a rare treat.

The story takes place in the city of Clawville. The city is a grand experiment where predators can learn to coexist peacefully with prey. Sonny Featherland is our protagonist. He is 21 days from his hard-earned retirement. All he has left to do is keep his head down for those 21 days and he will be home free. However, when doe-eyed Deborah Ibanez walked into his office and told him her story, he had no idea that his life was about to get a lot more complicated. He was once part of a duo known as the Chicken Police with his once best friend Marty McChicken, but that was almost a decade ago. Since then life has not treated him kindly. Nowadays he is just an alcoholic and a wreck of a bird. While Sonny is on paid leave, Marty enjoys the reputation of a star detective. On their very last case they had a big fight and now he will have to make amends. If he ever wants to solve this mysterious case he will have no choice but to partner up again with Marty. Follow this strange duo to find out what happens next.

The artwork of Chicken Police is simply stunning. If you are a fan of noir mysteries, you will be pleasantly surprised. The quality of the graphics is impressive and the cinematographic cut scenes are beautiful. The graphics are a combination of photos and photo-realistic 3D backgrounds which creates stunning visuals. I have a fondness for this genre, but I believe in this case the graphics are so well executed that even the most ardent critics would have to agree with me. To complete the visuals, Chicken Police boasts some impeccable and professional sounding voice acting. This is one game you will want to play with headphones on to have the best experience. The excellent voice acting brings the game to life. There is a great amount of dialogues and it could easily have become boring, but there is a combination of skillful voice acting, humor and an outstanding narrative. The soundtrack is no exception and is also excellent.

You will access the different story scenes through the main map. Some locations are part of the main story which means that visiting them will further progress the story.
There are also some extra locations that you can access at specific times during the gameplay. Those are limited locations meaning if you do not visit them when they appear, you will miss out on them as they will eventually disappear. Visiting those “side” locations will unlock some extra side stories relating to the characters or the world. Every scene is lovingly created up to the tiniest details. It was honestly a pleasure to visit every location. The developers have done an amazing job making the player feel like they have been transported onto the set of a black ‘n’ white vintage movie.
I love how the developers have blended a serious investigative story with some extremely humorous dialogues. The characters are well developed and easy to love. The game is surprisingly immersive. While I was playing, I found myself unable to stop because I felt so involved in the story. The way the game is set up entices the player to participate actively in the investigation. The interrogation feature is just such an example. It offers a huge amount of options and the direction the interrogation takes is up to you. Before you get access to the interrogation feature you have to talk and learn to know each character. Once you have talked to a character, you will be able to ask them some questions and interrogate them. Each character has some specific attributes and your success is dependent on you taking those into account when asking questions. You start with only a few questions, but every time you ask a question other questions will open up. This gives you a wider array of possibilities. After completing the questioning you are given a grade. You have the choice to do it over again if you have not performed well enough. Chicken Police’s interrogation feature offers a great deal of freedom. You have a detective meter that lets you know if you are getting as much as you can from the interview. Depending on the subject’s personality traits and which questions you ask, you will get more or less information from each interview.

The dialogues are packed with humor and even the short descriptions (when clicking on an object) are funny and clever. The anthropomorphic characters are endearing and the way they are portrayed is so creative. Their personalities are well developed and far from being one dimensional. The attention to detail is exceptional. As an example, when you go into your inventory instead of showing the inventory screen, there is a short animation of Sonny opening his bag. This is just one of the many thoughtful elements the developers have integrated in their game. All those little details create a stupendously immersive experience. Chicken Police has a tremendous amount of depth. Every aspect of this game felt well thought out and refined. I would be hard pressed to find a negative point to write about it.

The developers have managed to create a game that will probably be remembered as a work of art. If you are a fan of adventure and investigation games, Chicken Police – Paint it RED! is a must play. Every aspect of this game is exceptional. Whether it be the artwork, the characters development, and even the sounds, every aspect of this game works in tandem to give the player a truly remarkable experience. Once in a while you come across a real gem. Chicken Police is just one of those rare games that will leave a lasting impression.

Written by Vee