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Hooded Horse to Publish Alliance of the Sacred Suns by Developer KatHawk Studios

Hooded Horse announced it will publish Alliance of the Sacred Suns, developer KatHawk Studios’ first commercial release.

Alliance of the Sacred Suns is a space strategy game focused on politics between noble houses. It casts the player in the role of the new leader of an interstellar empire on the brink of internal collapse. Alliance of the Sacred Suns first began development in 2015 as Imperia, and it has recently conducted alpha testing.

“Alliance of the Sacred Suns fills a niche long-desired by strategy gamers,” said Tim Bender, CEO of Hooded Horse. “Space strategy games are abundant, but they rarely focus on political dynamics and often get bogged down in micromanagement. Alliance of the Sacred Suns will allow players to truly feel they are leading an empire, as they will spend their time managing relations with influential nobles and their houses, instead of optimizing every planet’s individual construction queue.”

Hooded Horse is a startup publisher for strategy and simulation games. Hooded Horse’s first title is another space strategy game set for a 2021 release, Terra Invicta, developed by Pavonis Interactive, the creators of the Long War mods.

Alliance of the Sacred Suns will release in 2021 and is available for wishlisting on Steam.

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