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Breathtaking Synthwave Puzzle Game SOLAS 128 Launches January 25th

Developer Amicable Animal and Publisher Armor Games Studios are pleased to announce that the kaleidoscopic puzzle game SOLAS 128 will launch on January 25th on both Nintendo Switch and PC.

SOLAS 128 takes place within a neon clockwork mechanism that is under attack. A strange external force has taken over, leaving disarray in its wake. Players must carefully repair the machine by learning how it works, and solving over 150 interlocking screens of puzzles. 

At its heart, SOLAS 128 is a beam deflection game with a difference. Instead of light beams, the game is built around distinct pulses which move in perfect sync with the unique, neon-soaked synthwave soundtrack. Players will need to reflect, collide, merge, split, and filter these pulses to explore the strange space, and reconnect the pathways that have been destroyed. Soon puzzles will start to spill across multiple screens, and they’ll need to think big to orchestrate a solution for the game’s damaged clockwork.

In spite of SOLAS 128’s colourful appearance, the game has been designed with accessibility in mind from the outset. Every pulse of light is represented by glyphs, each with a unique shape and profile. Customisable contrast settings for the colorblind or vision-impaired are also included.

To ease new players into this world, an in-game hint system has been included to gently guide, without giving away any answers.

Tom Methven, the solo developer behind Amicable Animal said, “This game is so much bigger, brighter, and more bonkers than I could ever have imagined when I started working on it. I can’t wait to see players exploring and fixing this strange space, one I’ve been lost in for so long.”

SOLAS 128 launches on the Nintendo Switch via eShop and PC via Steam on January 25th, priced 14.99 USD, 14.99 EURO, 13.49 GBP.

A free prologue demo for SOLAS 128 is available on Steam now.

About SOLAS 128

At its heart, SOLAS 128 is a beam deflection game. Rotate and reposition mirrors to connect light sources and unlock adjacent puzzles. Every pulse is moving to the beat at all times, and each puzzle is connected to the next. Explore this strange interconnected space, learn its rules, and discover the surprises that dwell within.

Rather than ordinary light beams, however, these pulses can and will collide with each other. Create new colours, deflect them in new directions, and pay attention to their timing to unlock the path to new puzzles.

Along the way you’ll encounter a wide array of components which interact in unique and surprising ways. You might even discover you can pass pulses and components between puzzles.

Prisms, glitches, new types of mirrors, and more lurk in the depths. For example, the filters which remove colours from pulses that pass over them.

To match the otherworldly, retro, neon aesthetic, SOLAS 128 is scored with a one of a kind synthwave soundtrack to which the entire game is synchronized.


  • Over 150 interlocking puzzle screens.
  • Designed from the ground up to be colourblind-friendly.
  • A seamless world to navigate – changes in one room will affect those that follow.
  • An original synth/chillwave soundtrack.
  • Hidden areas to discover, and secrets to decypher.
  • No text or dialogue: the visuals and music speak for themselves.
  • An optional integrated hint system for players seeking a nudge in the right direction.
SOLAS 128 | Available On January 25

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