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Coreffect Interactive Announces: Deflection

Coreffect Interactive announces its first title: Deflection. Deflection is a turn-based strategy board game inspired from the classic Laser Chess games and the famous board game Khet. Destroy the enemy’s king with your laser by moving and rotating mirrors and by strategically using the special abilities some pieces have. Play against friends (local and online) or against the AI!

Chess with lasers!

With a variety of pieces each having different advantages, abilities, and weaknesses, use the one move you are allowed per turn to strategically bring yourself closer to victory. At the end of every turn, you must shoot your laser… be careful not to hit one of your own pieces! 

Using your enemy’s pieces can become a battle tactic in itself. Enemy mirrors, Disruptors even Portals etc. can be used to your advantage! A single move can change the course of the game.

Most pieces can move in all directions by one cell and rotate 90 degrees. Advanced pieces such as the Disruptor can disable and weaken nearby pieces, whereas others such as the Splicer split your laser into two. Some pieces can be controlled by both players, which provides a new twist in your strategy.

There even are portals that you can use to surprise your opponent!

Deflection comes with several different and unique scenarios which challenge the players in different ways, some having walls, holes, being in different shapes and sizes, and containing different pieces and arrangements.

Deflection – Announcement Trailer

Deflection is planned for launch in 2021 on PC.

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