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Kwalee Launches Puzzle Platformer Eternal Hope on PC

Independent British video game developer & publisher Kwalee proudly announces its first steps into PC Gaming with the release of Eternal Hope on Steam.

Kwalee – led by Codemasters co-founder David Darling alongside an experienced team of gaming veterans selected Eternal Hope to be the first externally-developed PC game released following the firm’s recent move into PC and console game publishing.

Indie studio Doublehit Games initially self-published Eternal Hope in 2020, earning plaudits from both players and critics. The game was also awarded the ‘Best Brazilian Game’ prize at the IGN Brasil Game Show.

“The qualities of Eternal Hope shone through from the first time we saw it,” said Kwalee CEO David Darling, “The team at Doublehit Games have created an excellent game with a wonderful sense of style and we’re excited to be working with them to publish it.”

Taking stylistic and gameplay inspirations from the likes of Ori and the Blind Forest and Limbo, the world of Eternal Hope is richly detailed, utterly beautiful and yet fraught with quiet danger. Consumed by the quest to rescue his cherished love, protagonist Ti’bi steps into the purgatory-like Shadow World – where deadly pitfalls and ancient mysteries lurk at every turn. Using Ti’bi’s newfound ability to shift between dimensions, players will uncover secrets not meant for the eyes of the living….

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