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Glam – an Acrobatic Platformer by Three Legged Egg [Switch, Steam]

Three Legged Egged proudly announce their new game: 


Glam is the name of the main character in this precise, hard action packed platformer game. The game will be available on February 2021 on Nintendo Switch and Steam.


  • Hand crafted obstacle courses to test the limits of your acrobatic skills.
  • Tight, precise and simple controls: just three buttons and the joystick.
  • 220+ Single player levels, split into 11 chapters each has its own unique peril.
  • 60 multiplayer levels that demands endurance, flexibility and excepcional precise coordination of your movement.
  • Customizable character hero: Glam who is the lovechild of Bratz doll and G.I. Joe. 
  • Charming music.

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