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Lichenvale: Public Alpha Demo Will Be Available February 1st to 15th

Lichenvale, a Hexen-inspired first person melee hack and slash game with some magic, light puzzling and even a tiny pinch of platforming is dropping a public alpha demo to Steam on February the 1st, for a limited time of 15 days only. Lichenvale is a solo project by Filip Zemljak, a former Ubisoft-developer gone indie.
Demo will feature two levels of the upcoming game, with a short tutorial for the inexperienced, and should approximately take 30 to 60 minutes to finish, depending on the skill. Anyone with a free Steam account will be able to download the demo in the period of 15 days, try the game, and hopefully discuss their feedback with the developer or even stream/record a video. 
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Lichenvale Alpha Demo Trailer

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