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The USB Stick Found in the Grass Finally Made its Way to Steam

Highly unconventional game, with no engine and no user interface – just the history to investigate and truth (?) to uncover (?) – launches today, January 29th! You are given a virtual USB stick found at a scene of a possible crime, use your Windows and your wits to browse, examine, check, cross-check and deduce.

To get the game 20% cheaper buy now, till the launch discount is active!

The original version was published in 2018 in Polish only and sold on real USB sticks. The USB Stick Found in the Grass combines a literary work and a forensic challenge. It requires some deduction and computer skills, but doesn’t call for expert-level knowledge, making it accessible to most computer-savvy players. TUSFitG is released on Steam as a bilanguage (English and Polish) version for Windows.

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