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Be Ready to Get Higher and Higher: Guild of Ascension is Coming

Guild of Ascension, developed by Montreal-based studio WhileOne Productions in collaboration with PID Publishing, is coming to PC this summer.

Bringing a fresh take on strategy and RPG formulas, the medieval, fanciful rogue-lite mixes real-time actions with turn-based elements dancing together on checkerboards arena.

A presentation stream of the game will be live on February 3rd, alongside a playable demo that will be accessible during the Steam Festival: Spring Edition

In a world where magic is gone, two adventurers are going to explore the last place inhabited by the Goddess. Helped by ancient explorers, they will have to craft weapons, learn skills, befriend critters, encounter bizarre creatures or fight giant bosses to continue their Ascension and reach the highest floor.

“Guild of Ascension started as a passion project when I got the idea to bring real-time action and turn-based strategy together. I quickly saw the potential to play around fresh and old gameplay mechanics, which motivated me to quit my job and start this new adventure. So far, so good!

Mixing two opposite genres together was a long process but in the end, I feel that finding a good balance brings a new perspective and interesting challenges that you cannot easily find in another game – at least not one that I know of.

It was also important for me that Guild of Ascension looked bright and colourful, with a cast of quirky characters. I often feel sad when I see many games leaning too much on a dark and gloomy atmosphere, so I wanted to create something that could make you smile just by looking at it.

But even if the game looks cute and colourful, rest assured that you will find a hefty amount of challenge on your way to the top 🙂 “
Marius Ibanez, Developer

Guild of Ascension – Trailer


  • Real-time action combo system: The Tower grants you only a few seconds to act freely during your turn, so make sure to use them wisely by learning and master smart weapons combos and powerful special attacks.
  • Two characters, one mind: If your duo wants to succeed in the Tower, they need to plan and act in perfect harmony, like they are sharing the same mind.
  • Grab that loot: The Tower will reward you after each fight, keep the money and materials for the Guild but make sure to spend those privileges, they will definitely help you facing the thoughest challenges.
  • Craft like you know: Back from your lastest trip in the Tower, make sure to craft new new equipment thanks to other members of the guild. You will need all the help you can get if you hope to make it to the top.
  • Battle giants bosses: Once you find the Guardians of the Tower floors, don’t be afraid by their massive size, and use your best tactics to take them down with style!

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