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The Parrot That Summons Demons (WIN, MAC, Linux). Demo Available

The Parrot That Summons Demons (WIN, MAC, LINUX) is a family tragedy/horror FMV game featuring a surprisingly deep, dark and unsettling story by CASE.

The demo is available now and it features two small chapters from Samantha’s timeline (the oldest daughter). Full game is going to feature multiple chapters for every member of the McCauley’s family.
Note: The demo of The Parrot That Summons Demons is going to be part of the Steam Games Festival starting Feb 3.


FEATURES (Expected in full game)

  • Cinematic Experience: Horror Visual Novel with full FMV support.
  • Multiple playable characters: Play the game from the perspective of any of the four members of the family.
  • Multiple Endings: Unlock every possible ending to understand more about your new pet and… Well, demons.
  • Innovative Inventory System: Slots used to keep items may have an impact on narrative outcomes.
  • What would Freud say?: Alexander McCauley is modeled after the father of three members of our studio (yeah, we’re six people and three of them are brothers!)
  • SUPPORTED LANGUAGES – English – Spanish

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