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Undying Joins the Steam Winter Game Festival With a New Free Demo

Skystone Games’ story-driven survival RPG Undying will be featured on the Steam’s Winter Game Festival beginning February 3rd through 9th. Vanimals’ heartfelt horror tale takes players into the zombie apocalypse as Anling, a mother trying to teach her son how to survive before she joins the ranks of the undead. The game mixes unique RPG elements with tense combat and a skill system that helps Cody become more self-reliant as they navigate the apocalypse. Undying joins the Steam Winter Festival with a brand new demo, and tons of community-driven content all week long.

Skystone Games and Vanimals will be hosting two live-stream events for Europe and North America to highlight the new build. On February 3rd and February 4th at 6pm PST (9pm EST), the Vanimals team will be answering fan questions and showing off new features within the story.

What has been added for this special Steam Game Festival demo? 

  • New and Improved Side Quests. (Help the survivors!)
  • Updated Quest Tips. (It’s not kill 10 rats.)
  • Improved Tutorial. (Do this, not this!)
  • Sharpened Combat. (Jab jab!)

“Undying at the 2021 Winter Game Festival is a “producer edited version” of our Alpha version. Although there is only more than an hour of limited play time, you can still experience many wonderful and touching moments. Try to explore all the challenges in this special version!” – Kun Wang, CEO of Vanimals

About Undying

Undying – The zombie apocalypse came for everyone, even you. As the mother Ainling, your undying wish is to have your son Cody survive and rebuild humanity. This emotional tale balances a players’ quest for resources while fighting the undead, all mixed with the development of skills for survival. 

  • A deep story which tugs the heartstrings while keeping the action and tension high.
  • Build skills and tools to survive and teach Cody to survive when you’re gone.
  • A blend of survival and mystery as you strive to find a new life for your son.

Undying will arrive in 2021 on PC, Nintendo Switch, XBOX and PlayStation platforms, Android, and iOS.

UNDYING Gamescom Trailer | PC, Console | 2020

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