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Devastator is Ready to Strike the Steam Game Festival

2Awesome Studio is excited to present Devastator, developed by Luke Schneider. This game is a retro-modern arcade twin-stick shooter. Featuring spectacular, fluid visuals (with 4k and 120hz+ support), heart-pounding music and sound, and intuitive, intense, and varied gameplay, Devastator is the ultimate twin-stick shooter for people who love twin-stick shooters!

Devastator has a limited-time demo available now as part of the February Steam Festival, and the full version is projected to release on PC and consoles in 2021.

Devastator was designed and developed by Luke Schneider (aka the Radiangames guy). Luke has been a huge twin-stick shooter fan since the 1980s, and has been developing twin-stick shooters since 2005. With Devastator, Luke decided it was time to make his ultimate and final 2D arcade-style twin-stick shooter. 2Awesome Studio is proud to partner with Luke to bring Devastator to PC and consoles in 2021!

Devastator ♥ Exclusive New Game Trailer Reveal – New Upcoming Indie Games

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