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Bugvasion TD

Full Screen Games proudly presents Bugvasion TD, a classic tower defense game where you have to defend your house from alien possessed bugs room by room.  Use towers, special attacks and the environment to repel the onslaught of insects.

Bugvasion TD – Final Release Trailer – Launching on Steam on 2021.02.17


  • Maintain your towers – keep a close tab on your towers and replace canisters, batteries to keep them running.
  • Use the environment – there are several interactive objects around the maps that you can use for your advantage such as glue tubes, PEZ dispensers, hot sauce bottles.
  • Combine your tools – try settings things on fire or electrocuting them, you never know what might start a chain reaction.
  • Unlock new technologies – collect tech points by completing levels and spend them to unlock new towers and special attacks.

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