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Emergency Road Services Simulator Will Allow You to Run Your Own Small Roadside Assistance Business

Publisher T-Bull announced today that one of their new upcoming games will be soon released. You can add it to your Steam wishlist today! –

T-Bull S.A. announced another automotive title, which this time will put players in the role of a roadside assistance worker. Starting today, the new title can be added to your “wish list” on the Steam platform. This is another project implemented in cooperation with the acquired investor.

Emergency Road Services Simulator will focus on diverse gameplay. Starting from accepting chosen orders, proper preparation of supplies and tools, to planning the route and solving the problem on the spot. First of all, the player will have to diagnose the problem, and it is expected that there will be a lot of them. From the basic replacement of a burnt-out light bulb, or a flat tire, to complex repairs associated with bumps or serious accidents. There is no shortage of work in this city, and the extensive maze of streets results in numerous crashes.

Each repair will have an impact on your company’s reputation level. It is the client who will judge whether he is satisfied with your services or if you end up on his blacklist. Your reputation level will affect the number of consecutive orders, which will translate into cash that you can earn. As your reputation and wealth grow, you will be able to expand your business by purchasing new support vehicles, expanding your garage, expanding the scope of services, obtaining new licenses, or hiring new employees. 

The production will be based on an open world – the player will be able to move around it freely with his tireless truck. While driving the car, the camera will be placed in a third-person TPP perspective, and when working under the hood of damaged cars it will switch to FPP view.

Along with wealth, knowledge and reputation, come greater challenges. The business has to evolve, so over time, the player will have to consider expanding the fleet, investing in his workshop, and expanding the services offered. It will also be important to choose the right staff and make sure to obtain a license for certain jobs. 

T-Bull has proven over the years that it is an expert in the automotive field, so the new title in this category guarantees a comprehensive and authentic representation of roadside assistance work. The game can be added to your “wish list” on the Steam platform from today.


  • Various road missions.
  • Repair mini-games.
  • Business management system.
  • Reputation level.
  • Advanced repair mechanics.
  • Character development.

Get the general idea of how it is going to look like by watching the game’s trailer: 

Emergency Road Services Simulator – Official Announcement Trailer || T-Bull

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