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Go Where No Cat Has Ever Gone Before in Space Cats Tactics, With a Free Prologue for the Turn-based Tactical RPG Now Available on Steam

The year is 2635. Humankind has started genetic trials on felines with only one goal in mind – to make them smarter, stronger, and to create ultimate super soldiers to fight greed-fueled battles between corporations. Ever since this goal was achieved, humans have been using their creations as slaves to fight meaningless wars, and they’re often forced to kill their own kind. After years of oppression, a revolution began. The cats fought bravely against their creators, and finally, a peace treaty was signed. For the first time, these super cats got the chance to assimilate into society. But the scars are far from healed, and even now, they are considered outsiders, inferior, and outcasts of the community.

Space Cats Tactics – Gameplay Trailer


Space Cats Tactics is a turn-based tactical RPG that will allow you to go where no cat has ever gone before. Think about it as if FTL: Faster Than Light and XCOM had a child. Except this “child” is a fluffy, furry, meowy, and incredibly inquisitive kitten. One that has grown up, sharpened its claws, and is now ready to not only explore its nearby surroundings but to go beyond the horizon. Literally. However, don’t be fooled by the game’s humorous protagonists, as there are deep mechanics, complex strategies, and diversified gameplay hidden behind the four paws and a tail.

In Space Cats Tactics,you’re Mitzi – a former soldier short of money who receives a lucrative, yet not entirely legal, offer from a mysterious high-ranking militant. The objective? To smuggle the Curiosity – an advanced ship – to the far outer reaches of the galaxy. In other words, the choice is simple. Either continue living your miserable life in destitution or turn to smuggling and piracy to survive. The task won’t be easy, as the government is already hot on your tail. So you and your second-in-command, Biski, have to do everything you can to escape their clutches as this is your only chance to survive and change your lives for good.


  • A challenging turn-based, tactical RPG. Combine management of the ship’s crew, known from games like FTL: Faster Than Light and Star Command Galaxies, with grid-based combat you’ll recognize from XCOM and Divinity: Original Sin.
  • A story-driven space exploration adventure. Full of courageous felines and unique quests. Become a righteous hero or vengeful pirate, use diplomacy or escape with guns blazing. Just remember that your every choice will impact your destiny.
  • Spaceship and crew management. Zoom in and out of the ship on the same scene in real time to get the best view and adjust your strategy for every situation on the battlefield.
  • Turn-based tactical combat. Use action points to move and perform attacks on a grid-based map.
  • Spaceship upgrades and customization. Rebuild your HQ. Add new compartments and upgrade the existing ones to gain new abilities for your unit.
  • Resource scavenging. Destroy asteroids that drop loot or collect cargo containers from your enemies during combat. You never know what you could find inside them!

Space Cats Tactics is being developed by Mitzi Games. The game will launch on Steam, and the free Prologue is already available.

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