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An Intense, Action-driven Fight for Survival. What Horrors Lay Within the House?

  • First person survival Indie horror.
  • 2 – 5 Hour Play through.
  • Features Puzzles.
  • Focus on Action rather than just hide & Seek.
  • First time Australian Solo Developer.

About the Game

Unlike many small indie horror games Martha has a strong focus on combat. The player is not forced to run and hide cowering in a cupboard with a flashlight. Martha gives the player a small arsenal of weapons to fight back, but does not skimp on atmosphere and has some great jumpscares.

Ammo and health supplies are limited so the player must decide when it is best to fight and flee.
Compelling story and challenging puzzles Martha will leave fans of indie horror wanting more.

Drawing on inspiration from the recent resident evil games (particularly RE7) Marta features a persistent relentless enemy that will randomly antagonize the player.


In pursuit of your missing colleague your car breaks down. You enter the only house for miles to use the phone. What follows next can only be described as an intense, action-driven fight for survival. What horrors lay within the house? Only one thing is certain: you need to get out.

It’s 1996. You are Isabelle Hewitt, a determined freelance reporter with a penchant for getting sh*t done and taking matters into your own hands. Your close work colleague, Jack Meyer, is missing and you have not heard from him in nearly two weeks. Having worked with him for over a decade, you know this is very much out of character.

Jack was in the regional outskirts of Annadeer to investigate a family who went missing from the Albrecht Estate, which is rumored to be struck by a family curse. The house has been left abandoned and now Jack is nowhere to be seen. Why so many missing people in the local area, you wonder.

The local police are reluctant to investigate, so now it’s up to you.

Back to the family curse at the Albrecht Estate. In 1968 Martha Albrecht and her husband Albert went missing from the estate home they had built near the Annadeer mountains. The house lay abandoned for over twenty years until two hapless property barons decided to buy it. Emily and Daniel Burkheart became the proud new owners of the Albrecht Estate in 1994.

Following a series of strange and unexplained events at the house, the Burkheart family have also vanished without a trace. Even Winston, the family dog is nowhere to be seen. Over the next two years there have been further missing persons reports in the local area. With little to no investigation from local authorities, the town folk now refer to the area as being under the Albrecht family curse.

Not satisfied with the notable lack of action by the local police, you decide to take a drive to Annadeer in search of Jack. Is the Albrecht family curse real or just coincidence? Is a serial killer on the loose? Just what do the police know and what are they hiding? So many questions, so little time. It’s time to gather your courage and find out.

  • Atmosphere meets action: Martha has all the tension of a first-person horror game but plenty of action. You won’t be a helpless victim holding a flashlight: you can use firearms, melee weapons and even your bare fists to fight your enemies.
  • Fight or flee: Ammo is limited and foes are deadly, so choose your weapons wisely. You decide how to tackle the encounters: do you run and wait them out or stand and fight like a boss?
  • Solve puzzles: Crack codes, discover combinations and enjoy the good old-fashioned key hunts that await you.
  • Uncover the truth: Martha has a rich story line, interesting characters and plenty of juicy family secrets to keep you suitably entertained. The dirty laundry just keeps on piling up.
  • Non-linear structure: You decide the sequence to tackle the challenges and find your own path.
Martha final trailer

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