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noeyehandGames Releases Honour Runs on Steam on 16 February 2021

noeyehandGames announces the release of Honour Runs, a visceral retro-inspired frenetic twin-stick shooter, on Steam for February 16th. Known as Smatter: Honour Runs on Xbox 360, the PC remix version is a tribute to the genre.

Honour Runs is a tribute to the twin-stick shooter genre. It combines the beloved neon fireworks, old school exploration, retro graphics, electro ambience, hectic actionand a complex score attack system.

Honour Runs offers an adrenaline-filled thrill ride through 15 hand-crafted challenging dungeons. Grab pickups and use the powerups carefully to defeat mini-bosses and all the enemies that try to overwhelm you. The scoring system creates a new tactical challenge for gamers and the chance to compete at an international level.

Originally acclaimed on Xbox 360 as Smatter: Honour Runs, the game has been reworked and redesigned for a release on Steam. The new PC version of the game also includes Remix levels and Remix leaderboards. Clear the first 15 levels and enter the Remix area. More difficult, more challenge, more adrenaline.


  • 15 handcrafted, increasingly complex, and challenging dungeons.
  • A score attack system based on balanced aggression, speed, damage received and kills made.
  • AI and game mechanic enhancements from Xbox 360’s version.
  • Remixed versions of each of the levels available to unlock.
  • Global leader boards.
  • RĂ©tro atmosphere and Electro Music.
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