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Purr-fectly Noir Point & Click Inspector Waffles Announced

Goloso Games are thrilled to officially announce their upcoming detective adventure Inspector Waffles, which will be coming to PC via Steam and GOG on March 23rd.

Grab a stiff glass of cold milk and step into the boots of Inspector Waffles as he faces his toughest mystery yet: the case of the kitten that didn’t land on their feet. Drawing from old school classic point and click adventures, Inspector Waffles is a noir mystery bursting with clever puzzles, tricky character interrogations and more feline puns than you can paw-ssibly imagine.

Inspector Waffles lovingly pairs the logic puzzles and dry humour of its predecessors with beautiful pixel art, fully illustrated cutscenes and a bespoke jazz soundtrack to create an endearing adventure sure to challenge your brain cells and hit your funny bone.  Yann, creator of Inspector Waffles and studio founder, said “Inspector Waffles began as a classic detective story that soon grew to something a bit more complex. I love the surprise turns detectives stories take, and I wanted to bring forward that same sense of unpredictability that first hooked me into the genre.It’s also simply the story of a cat and a dog becoming friends – two lonely, flawed individuals that slowly learn throughout their time together that they’re at their best when they work together. It’s a story about friendship, about how you can do great things if you put your trust in others.

I’ve been working on Inspector Waffles for almost 4 years now and I’m very proud of it – I hope players enjoy their time with our feline inspector as I have.
Inspector Waffles will launch on PC, via Steam and GOG, on March 23rd.

About Inspector Waffles

Murder. Nothin’ nice about it. In this old school detective adventure, step into the boots of whip-smart Inspector Waffles and travel the city to track hidden clues, interrogate shady suspects, and unravel a dangerous mystery. But be warned: curiosity killed the cat..

Inspector Waffles was hoping his worst days were behind him, but the murder of a high-profile industrialist CEO beloved by the citizens of Cat Town raises new questions and fears.

Being the best inspector on the CTPD, Waffles has no choice: he’s gotta push past the painful memories, don his well-worn overcoat, and prepare to get his paws dirty.

A detective story reminiscent of the old school classics, Inspector Waffles provides plenty of peculiar mystery, a story full of intrigue, and a slew of characters to interrogate, all wrapped into beautifully simple pixel-art. Will you be able to sniff out every clue and nab the murderer?

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