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Realistic Stealth-action Shooter Intravenous Coming to PC This Summer

Publisher Too Indie To Fail is partnering with Roman Glebenkov to bring his adrenaline infused stealth-action shooter Intravenous to PC this summer. Intravenous is now available for Steam Wishlists.

Enter the world of Intravenous as Steve Robbins – a man set out for revenge after losing his brother to low-life junkies. Delve deep into the criminal world under the guise of darkness or go armed to the teeth, guns-blazing, and padded with armor.

Intravenous gives players the freedom to take the gameplay approach that suits their playstyle: blasting through levels in brutal fast-paced combat, or sneaking around encounters to avoid confrontation.

Key Features:

  • Challenging stealth-action gameplay that lets you play the way that suits your style, whether it’s sneaking through levels or blasting in guns blazing.
  • Reactive AI that is actually clever and will adapt to the situation to keep you on your toes.
  • Realistic stealth where your visibility depends on how well-lit the environment is and every step you take makes noise. 
  • Stylized pixel art environments and characters.

A new demo of Intravenous is playable right now during the Steam February Festival.

“With Intravenous, Roman Glebenkov is delivering exactly what he set out to achieve – a title designed for gamers searching for realistic stealth-action, combined with hardcore no-brakes gunplay,” said Patrick Seibert, CEO at Too Indie To Fail.

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  1. Plays like Hotline Miami meets Splinter Cell. Fucking love it!

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