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The Inter-dimensional Action Adventure QV Now Warps to Steam

The action adventure QV‘s Steam version will be released this March, according to CFK.
QV is an inter-dimensional action adventure game featuring Quby’s adventure in the ancient ruins for a clue to save the collapsing worlds. Released on Nintendo Switch on November 26, 2020, QV has amassed praises from users and game media, achieving Famitsu’s Silver Hall of Fame and the review score of 80 in Metacritic.
In the center of the universe, “Dimensional Core” oversees the balance between dimensions. One day the Core goes out of power, and the unbalanced worlds begin to collapse altogether. Quby, the coordinator of dimensions, quickly realize the crisis and heads to the ancient ruins to find out how to repower the Core.
As Quby, player challenges various mysteries hidden in the ancient ruins. Player explores the ruins in their own style using Quby’s magic brush, which enables player to warp, create an ink bridge on the water, and many more. Also, player gets to meet companions from other worlds and cooperate with them to unveil the secrets of the ruins.
Along with achievements and costumes, QV‘s Steam version supports higher resolution and performance, making the gameplay experience much more immersive than the Nintendo Switch version.
The inter-dimensional action adventure QV will be released on Steam on March, 2021, and its official date will be announced soon.

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