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Death Crown Will Finally Be Available During March 2021

Although today was the day chosen for Death Crown to finally hit the market, we regret to announce that, in our efforts to achieve the highest quality on each of the platforms on which CO5MONAUT and Stas Pisarev‘s title will be released, its definitive release will be delayed until next March. 

We will soon announce the exact day when the game will go on sale, in digital version, on all the announced platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

We know you’re desperate to play it and we really appreciate your understanding.

Death Crown is like nothing you’ve ever seen or played before. Using the most basic rules of the genre, CO5MONAUT and Stas Pisarev have created a frenetic and groundbreaking experience where battles are resolved in just minutes.

Generate resources (by building mines, or mills, depending on the faction), troops that you’ll throw against your opponent, and towers that will serve to defend your positions and conquer more ground on the map. In Death Crown, the course of the battle can change in a matter of seconds, so forget about clever strategy and relaxed gameplay – act quickly, act relentlessly or you’ll be history.

Death Crown will hit PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch during March, 2021.

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