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The Commission 1920 Now Available on Steam

302 Interactive is thrilled to announce that The Commission 1920 is now available on steam and launched with a 20% week long launch discount.

The Commission 1920 is a turn-based strategy game set in the roaring 1920s where you play as a Don of a mafia family. The goal is to manage your resources and exert your influence on the city to remove competing powers using violence, politics, and careful investment of illegal rackets.

The Commission 1920 is a re-imagining of the original commission game that was released in 2018. Bobby Torres, CSO at 302 Interactive shares, “We are proud of our release and truly happy to have worked with those in the community to adapt our original Mafia Strategy game concept with the help and support of players.”

The game is releasing with five different families you can align with, illegal rackets to invest in, politicians to bribe and starting conflicts with other mafia families.

The Commission 1920 is now available on steam for PC.

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