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Make Your Fortune Raiding Starships in AlterVerse: Disruption Challenging You to Conquer an Unknown Universe on Steam

Indie game developer and publisher AlterVerse Inc. is proud to announce the release of Disruption, the studios Early Access debut title on STEAM™. AlterVerse: Disruption is the first in a series of games that will make up the AlterVerse, a ground-breaking, decentralized, gaming system where players have the option of owning and hosting, customizable game servers in a large variety of themes and game genres. Disruption represents mankind’s first foray into the unknown solar system called Solone, interconnected with future games in the universe.

AlterVerse: Disruption

AlterVerse: Disruption offers an incredible 5 games in 1 download. The focus is on competitive Esports matches and tournaments. The game includes Free-For-All Brawl, a death-match mode promising to get your adrenaline pumping! In Starship Raider, you climb the ranks by looting chests in a hybrid deathmatch competition. In Alliance Wars, you partake in team-based Capture the Flag action to be the first team to steal the starship’s Reactor Core. Altercation is designed for players looking to learn the basics of the game and to attend PVP battle Events, while Hero’s Quest, coming soon in a future update, your mission is to locate keys that can ultimately save your ship. In the end, your objective is to climb the ranks by earning XP. Esports Events and Tournaments are held regularly, allowing you to compete and win cool prizes in a dynamic ecosystem. 

AlterVerse: Disruption is just the beginning of the franchise! No less than 5 home worlds and 10 quest levels are currently in production by the developer, and players will soon be able to create their very own multiplayer games with no coding or art skills required. AlterVerse is VR compatible and currently supports HTC Vive® and Oculus® Rift, and is the only gaming and world-building platform enabling players to PLAY and CREATE an infinite number of interconnected, player-owned worlds. 


  • Esports Tournaments.
  • Spectator Areas.
  • Customizable Avatars.
  • Customizable Alliance Pages.
  • Level Up XP Ranking System.
  • Player-owned Servers.
  • VR Compatible.

Let The Disruption Begin …

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