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Horror Game Hidden Shelter is Now Available on Steam

Hidden Shelter is a game produced by the White Vortex studio and is now available on Steam. Hidden Shelter is a first-person survival horror with focus on exploration. The game tells the story of three friends who after an accident on the road get separated and need to meet again. The game has a lot of mystery and a deadly enemy that stalks a dark house in the middle of an isolated and scary place. The price of the game is 8,90 USD.

The game’s premise may seem simple, but the outlines of a more complex story are found by the interactions between the characters. There is a story that the player can follow in the most superficial way, which intertwines with the deeper story that can be understood by paying more attention to the scenario and the notes and letters left along the way. Depending on actions within the game, it is possible to unlock one of the two available endings. “We made this game with only two people. Tiago and I spent 6 to 7 months working on it. It was a huge effort to create and publish it. We hope that everyone can have fun with what we did”, says Renan Barreto, creative director of the game.

“We shared all the work. While I was doing the animations, Renan was doing the Level Design; when I was programming the AI, he was creating the arts and positioning the events. It was hard work. It was a challenge”, reveals Tiago Neri, programmer.

The game is dubbed by Guilherme Vieira (Charles), André Bedran (Bernardo) and David Tavares (Diego). Guilherme had as one of his best known roles the young Tonico, son of Mariana Ximenes in Chocolate com Pimenta from TV Globo. “I spent years of youth doing soap operas and TV shows, but dubbing a game was a creative experience that I loved. It is something that I intend to invest from now on”, says Guilherme Vieira.
Hidden Shelter was developed in Unreal Engine for PC and comes with localization for Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish and English.

Launching Trailer – Hidden Shelter

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