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First Person Action RPG Empire of Ember Coming to Steam for PC Summer 2021

Independent developer Poleaxe Games today announced that its action RPG, Empire of Ember will be coming to Steam for PC this summer. Empire of Ember is a first-person action-RPG featuring player-created cities, destructible environments, and procedurally-generated dungeons.

Blending first-person ranged, melee, and magical combat, Empire of Ember also includes a light RTS strategic element, allowing players to unleash the might of an army of NPCs to fight alongside in hundred-unit battles.

The explorable nature of the game also helps drive the narrative, as players can delve into developer-created story stages in randomly generated overland maps across 4 biomes or traverse through procedurally-generated solo dungeons. Additionally, Empire of Ember’s city builder allows players to design, decorate and defend their own fully destructible 3D kingdoms that they can also explore in first person. More importantly, these player-created cities can be shared in an asynchronous multiplayer mode, in which players can download another player’s city and fight to sack it.

Empire of Ember is an action RPG that has the player command armies in first person, giving orders and supporting troops fighting with steel and magic. We want players to feel like they are part of a larger battle.” said Kevin Jenkins CEO and Creative Director of Poleaxe Games. “Laying siege to castles generated by other players also opens up yet another level of creativity and discovery, keeping players engaged with constant new experiences.”

Empire of Ember is an action RPG rich in lore and fantasy filled with more than just magic and myth, with a narrative tied into the game’s persistent world with a script by former Telltale Games lead writer Patrick Kevin Day.

Empire of Ember will be launching on Steam late Summer 2021 and is currently seeking play testers on Steam.

Empire of Ember Gameplay Trailer

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