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Honour Runs is Available on Steam

noeyehandGames is pleased to announce that Honour Runs is now available on Steam. Honour Runs, a visceral retro-inspired frenetic twin-stick shooter, is an adaptation of successful Xbox 360 game Smatter: Honour Runs.

Honour Runs is a fast-paced two-stick shooter. It combines all the classic ingredients for fans of the genre: retro graphics and electro atmosphere, frenetic action, neon shots and explosions, and a complex score attack system.

Honour Runs offers an adrenaline-filled thrill ride through 15 hand-crafted challenging dungeons. New video options are integrated into the final version of Honour Runs. Unlock the Framerate and feel the speed! 

The player must use pickups and powerups wisely in order to defeat the surrounding enemies and level’s bosses. The new scoring system creates a new tactical challenge for everyone and the opportunity to compete on an international level.

Originally known and acclaimed on Xbox 360 as Smatter: Honour Runs, the game has been reworked and redesigned for its release on Steam. The now available PC version includes Remix levels and Remix leaderboards. The new Remix levels are available for players who have completed the first 15 original levels.


  • 15 handcrafted, increasingly complex, and challenging dungeons.
  • A¬†score attack system based on balanced¬†aggression, speed, damage¬†received and kills made.
  • AI and game mechanic enhancements from Xbox 360’s¬†version.
  • Remixed versions of each of the levels available to unlock.
  • Global leader boards.
  • R√©tro atmosphere and Electro Music.
  • PC video and unlocked framerate¬†options.

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