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Bugvasion TD

After two long years of work we are finally here, releasing our very first game on Steam for PC. This is a dream come true for all of us and we are looking forward to hearing the players’ opinions. However our journey is not over yet, Bugvasion TD’s version number might have hit 1.0 but that doesn’t mean that we will stop working on it, we have many things planned for this year, we’ve put together a roadmap so you can see what’s coming:

Short term plans (within 1-2 months):
Bug fixing and fine tuning – Listening to our players is one of the most important thing for us, we want you to enjoy the game and we are ready to listen to your suggestions and try to implement them in Bugvasion TD
Localization – we want to make Bugvasion TD accessible to as many players as possible by translating the game into various languages, Hungarian, Portuguese, French and Russian versions are almost finished and many more are in the works
Steam Achievements – We wanted to include this in version 1.0 but we had to postpone it, luckily not by much, they should be in the game within a few weeks
Steam Remote Play – Adding this feature will allow players to play Bugvasion TD on their phone, tablet, TV or other PC.

Long term plans (within 4-8 months):
Porting to Linux and Mac
Adding more levels as a free dlc: Our plan is to scale up the Bugvasion universe by taking the players to space to fight the aliens on their mothership, 4 additional maps are planned as well as new special attacks and enemies.
Seasonal events: For every holiday or celebration we are planning to add something fun to the game, it might be a new special attack with a seasonal theme or just a new background for the main menu, our main goal is to make coming back to the game worth it with new content every few weeks or so.

We have a lot more things planned but so far we want to focus on the things we know we can manage in the given time-frame. This is our debut game so we still have a lot to learn, but we are ready to learn it with the players and for the players.

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