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Lake Resort Flipper – a New Game Announcement from Gameparic

Gameparic, part of the PlayWay Group, announces Lake Resort Flipper – a simulation game that gives a player a unique chance of becoming a lake resort owner. It’s the second game announced by Gameparic this year but already the 5th game announcement in the last 5 months.

Lake Resort Flipper will let the player learn the entertainment industry and how to run own business. Adventure in the game starts by finding an abandoned resort that used to be a vivid place filled with tourists. Player’s task will be to bring the resort to its former glory. Starting with the basic works as repainting the walls or repairing broken elements, expanding into staff management and investing in new attractions.

“Range of attractions available in Lake Resort Flipper will be broad and diverse. It’s gonna be up to a player to decide in which direction the resort will evolve and how it’s going to look like. What’s more, it’s also the player’s decision whether to micromanage every task or delegate and let others deal with it.”, says Marcin Wenus, CEO of Gameparic.

Even though in the early stage of the game a player will be able to deal with most of the work by himself, in the later stages the resort won’t develop without staff. Recruiting and managing team members will be an important task in Lake Resort Flipper. Just as important as managing your finances, investing in new attractions – kayaks, wakeboarding, jet ski, and expanding into new areas and buying new abandoned resorts!

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