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Smart Olive Games to Launch Action Adventure RPG Zack 2: Celestine’s Map on PC This March

Control your destiny in an immersive world full of magic, secrets and more in the action adventure RPG Zack 2: Celestine’s Map from Smart Olive Games. Launching on PC via Steam on March 11 for $14.99 USD, Zack 2 takes players on a journey where each action alters the story and path for gamers, leading to multiple storylines.   
Zack 2: Celestine’s Map is a story-driven, 3D action adventure RPG set in a world full of magic, secrets, and supernatural creatures. Play as three different characters; Zack, Meggy, and Amice, as they journey to save their brother from the hand of the evil wizard Celestine. Fulfill the greatest quest of all and fight against a variety of evil forces and 12 bosses – each with their own unique abilities. Players must carefully choose how they interact with the world because each choice has its own massive consequence to their journey.

Zack 2:Celestine’s map Steam reveal trailer

Zack 2: Celestine’s Map is a passion project for us that brings back the nostalgia of old-school RPGs,” says of Smart Olive Games CEO and programmer Ifeanyi Chigbata. “There are very few video game developers based in Nigeria, and we hope Zack 2 brings more awareness to Nigerian developers and the Nigerian gaming community. As the first studio to launch a PC title, we hope we can lead the charge.”   
Key Features Include: 

  • Alter Your Destiny – Forge your own destiny as you make friends or enemies based on your conversational decisions or battles.  
  • 12 Challenging Boss Battles – Battle 12 bosses, each with their own distinct and diverse destructive abilities, requiring you to utilize different strategies to defeat them. 
  • Multiple Playable Characters – Play the game as three different yet connected characters with individual storylines, unique combat mechanics and magical skills.  
  • A Beautiful Immersive World – Discover ancient secrets on your journey that has you encounter supernatural beings, witches, corrupt humans and more. 
  • Unique Items and Equipment – Invest your rewards from completing quests and battles into upgrading your weapons, skills or armor. 
  • Multiple Storylines –The game’s story is driven by decisions made during certain dialogue with different characters, battling enemies and bosses, and solving puzzles. Your choices influence the storyline and also alter your relationships with other characters. 

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