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Cats, Machine Learning and Factory Automation: Learning Factory Releases Today releases today their factory automation game with machine learning elements (and lots of cats) Learning Factory for €11.99/$14.99 (with a 10% off release discount)! Learning Factory is a factory automation game where you have to design and build increasingly big and complex factories to make goods for cats. However, it brings a unique twist to the genre thanks to machine learning: you also have to collect feedback from your feline clients and analyze their data with machine learning models until you understand how to really make them happy! 

Just like’s previous game, the acclaimed puzzle game about machine learning while True: learn(), Learning Factory is backed by specialists in the subject, and implements real-world machine learning models. If you want to learn more about this key discipline in today’s world, you will get to understand how big data is collected and processed to get useful information out of it. Or you can just focus on making the biggest, quirkiest factories for your cats, of course!


Learning Factory is a factory automation game where you have to build an increasingly bigger and complex factory, named KOTOVOD and located on Mars, to make goods for cats. Then you get data about sales analyzing what cats liked or disliked, and use this data with machine learning models to optimize prices and make sure you’re selling what cats really long for. Backed by actual specialists in the matter and using real-world machine learning models, the game aims also at teaching how big data is collected and processed in machine learning. You will be learning about two of the most relevant technologies of our time while you play a super fun strategy game — if you want to, that is; because at its true heart it’s above all a quirkily engaging factory automation game with lots of cats in it! 


  • Build a factory from scratch to make goods for cats.
  • Automate and optimize it to be as efficient as possible.
  • Research new stuff to make and build machines to do the job.
  • Build cat-entertaining facilities inside your new research lab and collect useful data on their behavior.
  • Get sales data and analyze it with Machine Learning to create better quality and custom stuff.
  • Optimize your factory to unveil the mystery of cats’ true nature and how they can change the Universe.

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