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Dead of Winter Coming Soon to Steam

UK based independent games developer Bad Logic Studios have announced their latest game, Dead of Winter, will be coming to Early Access on Steam in 2021.

Dead of Winter is a single-player base building real-time strategy game where players must lead their villagers in a battle for survival against relentless hordes of undead as they gather, build and explore in a post-apocalyptic medieval fantasy world plunged into a seemingly endless winter.

Bad Logic Studios is most known for it’s small 2D action platformer games, so a large scale strategy game may seem like a bit of a departure, however the studio was founded by the Lead Gameplay Programmer for the Grand Strategy/RTS hybrid Medieval Kingdom Wars which was one of Steam’s “Best of 2019” games, making Dead of Winter more of a return to their roots for the developer.

Speaking on the reasons for releasing as Early Access, the developer has stated “I am solo developing Dead of Winter and I feel Early Access will allow me to more thoroughly test and balance the game than I would otherwise be able to do on my own. This way when the game finally launches, it will be a far more polished and enjoyable experience for everyone!”

The Early Access version of Dead of Winter is expected to release mid-2021 and will include a story driven Campaign and Skirmish/Survival mode. It is anticipated that Dead of Winter will remain in Early Access for around six months.

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