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Rustler is Now Available on Steam Early Access. Hop on a Horse, and Start Your Ride to Thug Glory

Enough messing around. The time has come to separate the men from the boys. Grab your cudgel, roll up your sleeves, and get to work, as the fame of a medieval hoodlum won’t come to you by itself. Rustler – an open-world, top-down action game that pays tribute to the good old GTA is now available on Steam Early Access.

You are nobody, and have nothing. Not even a name, as the creativity of your parents didn’t go much further than calling you a “Guy”. The miserable state you’re in does have one advantage, however: it doesn’t get much worse than that. So, you can either keep sitting on your buttocks, do nothing about it, waiting for your sad life to come to an end, or you can try to get out there, earn a coin or two, have fun with the ladies, drink a beer or ten, and get everything that you’re currently missing. Legally or illegally; that’s secondary. What matters is having it all, having it now, and preferably with as little effort as possible.

Rustler – Out Now!


Rustler is an open-world, top-down action game paying tribute to the good old GTA style and gameplay, fusing it with a historically inaccurate medieval setting. Play as The Guy, whose parents were apparently too lazy to give him a proper name. Experience feudal injustice, inquisition, witch-hunting, and join The Grand Tournament™. Meet valiant, yet incredibly stupid knights. Complete a wide variety of twisted missions and quests, or don’t give a damn about the plot and bring mayhem to the villages and cities. Choose to go on foot, or by stolen horse. Fight with a sword, or pick a fancy automatic crossbow. All that, spiced up with an inappropriate Monty Python-inspired sense of humor.

Be a bold, bald thug in a medieval sandbox

The world of Rustler is filled with humor, anachronisms, and pop culture references. Remember Monty Python? Ever been towed for parking in a “NO HORSE ZONE”? Wanna cage fight in the Medieval Martial Arts Arena? Or maybe pimp-a-horse a little? How about joining the Round-Earthers sect?

Wreak havoc with top-down, old-school combat

Use swords, spears, turds, and crossbows. Not efficient enough? Try throwing a holy hand grenade or… horses. Nothing’s more deadly than hooves galloping in your direction. Or drifting a cart.

Screw everyone over to win half the kingdom

As a poor peasant, you’ll need to get creative to win the Grand Tournament™. Form weird alliances, double-cross your foes, and dig up dinosaur skeletons in a light, easy-to-understand, and hard-to-empathize-with story.

Hire bards to aid you musically in battle

A bard can be your sweaty personal radio. Not only will he not leave your side, even in the midst of the bloodiest of conflicts, he will also change the song’s dynamic depending on the action on-screen. Moreover, you can express a desire to change the tune by punching him in the face.

A lot of horsin’ around

Shoot cows into the sky, dress up as a guard or even as Death himself, burn entire piles of weed, draw fancy shapes with a plowing cart, survive a full-on guard onslaught after killing half the city… And that’s only a few of the many crazy things you can do in Rustler.

Rustler was created by Jutsu Games and published by Games Operators.

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