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MiraiMada Games Announces Release Date for Waifu’s Spooky Space Station, a Sci-fi and Anime Themed Horror Game

Madrid based indie developer MiraiMada Games announced the release date for Waifu’s Spooky Space Station, a First-Person Sci-Fi and anime themed horror game due out on February 25th.

Inspired by titles like Penumbra, Spooky’s Jumpscare Mansion among others, Waifu’s Spooky Space Station revolves around an abandoned station used as an idols academy in the past.

After waking up by the side of M1R4-I, the A.I . in charge of the WSS Station, players will need to find their way out through the 500 laberythine modules that form the station. But it won’t be easy, as the once well-known academy is still populated by spooky beings.

Waifu’s Spooky Space Station features:

  • Immersive Story: Explore the space station and find out what happened to it and the people who inhabited it. 
  • Procedural Generation: The WSS modules and distribution will be different on each playthrough.
  • Manga-Anime Aesthetics: “Toon” visuals like those seen in manga and anime.
  • Various Endings: The endings will vary depending on the player’s actions and discoveries.
  • Scary Waifus: Terrifying creatures and waifus will haunt the players while they try to investigate the WSS.

Waifu’s Spooky Space Station will be available for PC via Steam on the 25th of February 2021.

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