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Parallel Space Releases BATTLESHIP APOLLO on Steam Early Access

BATTLESHIP APOLLO brings the raw sci-fi joy from massive, tactical space combat between capital spaceships and their support fighters. 

Players will recruit massive Battleships, select support fighters and other special abilities for each ship, and take them to exciting multiplayer combat. BATTLESHIP APOLLO has been designed specifically to be replayable for months and years, and both simplifies and deepens the traditional RTS experience, with simple rules that are easy to learn but hard to master over multiple multiplayer game modes.

BATTLESHIP APOLLO takes place 200 years after the events of Hades’ Star, the successful MMO launched by the same team at Parallel Space in 2017. Hades’ Star has created a sizable, passionate, positive community that is involved in the development of both games. Both games will be evolving and supported in parallel as part of our unified vision for the Hades Galaxy franchise.

Like Hades’ Star, BATTLESHIP APOLLO was created by the same tiny core team of 3 developers. We are passionate about simple, beautiful sci-fi designs that focus exclusively on the strengths of the RTS genre: fun units and interesting interactions between them.


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