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Singles’ Generation: If Friends Were a Visual Novel

Forever Young Games, the creator of the indie football manager series Global Soccer: A Management Game announced a new game, called: Singles’ Generation.
The Budapest based developer describes the upcoming game as (probably) the first ever Visual Novel sitcom. The focus will be on a group of young friends, and their everydays. There will be stories about dating, friendship, family and more – and of course all of this in a humorous way.
The game’s target audience is the younger generation, who are in the same age as the main characters, but also those, who grew up watching the all-time fan favourite TV show Friends. Becoming an adult and finding our own happiness is always an interesting topic, and it couldn’t be more relevant now than ever: since the internet and social media is almost as important part of their lives like breathing, today’s young generation has to face a lot of things, which their predecessors didn’t. Online dating, online bullying, influencers are all important present-day topics that will be covered in the game (among others).

Of course, the game was designed to be entertaining for all of those, who are looking for a light, humorous story, not just for those, who are affected by the mentioned problems.
What makes it different from other visual novels, that it will give the reader the feeling, as if he/she was watching a sitcom on television. The story will be broken down into episodes, all of them with different short stories. And no matter how serious the subject is, creator and writer Márk Kovács promises that the approach of these topics will be much more lightweight than dramatic. Also, the developer pays attention to even the smallest details to make the game as authentic as possible. Even the audience laughter will be there after jokes for a more immersive sitcom experience – however it can be turned off, if someone finds it annoying.

The first season will contain 10 episodes and in each episode we’ll get the chance to take control of one of the characters. We’ll learn more about them and the player will have the chance to manage their dialogues which can make small changes in their side-stories.

Finally, a character introduction video was made as well, which will show up at the beginning of each episode, just like we used to it on our TV screen. This will be skippable if someone wants to jump right into the story. Check it out on YouTube:

Singles’ Generation Trailer (Visual Novel game for PC)

Another big difference from most visual novels is quite noticeable: instead of sticking with the genre-standard anime-like characters, Forever Young Games decided to use photos, which makes the game even more lifelike and believable for the players. And the amount of work went into this part is quite impressive: the studio hired more than 40 models to participate in this project. Hundreds of photos were made to cover all possible emotions, from simple ones (like happy or sad) to quite specific ones (to be scared of.. you know, something scary). Also, as the story progresses and the season’s changing from summer to autumn, then winter, you’ll notice that the characters’ clothing style will change too: they’re changing their casual summer dresses to much warmer winter clothes like jackets, pullovers and boots. No matter in how many episodes a character will appear, they’ll wear a different outfit to show that some time has passed since the last chapter.

The writer has great plans for this new IP, but of course everything will depend on the reception of the first game. Can a real sitcom ever be made about the story of this young crew? That hasn’t been discussed yet.

The game is coming to Steam this year, and the planned release date is somewhere around April/May.

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